Goodbye Fall Semester 2020

Sarah Alister
2 min readDec 14, 2020


Hi there, I’m Sarah Alister! A 22 year old Computer Science major residing in San Diego, CA. I’m happy to announce I survived my first semester as an Undergrad Freshman! Woohoo! 🎉

I completed my final exams last week, so I spent this weekend relaxing and catching up on some anime shows. Although I’m currently awaiting my GPA, I finished this semester strong with an A+ in my Intro to Java Programming class, A in Cross Cultural Literature, and a B in Chinese 🤓. After countless sleepless nights consisting of my code not compiling, practicing simplified Chinese characters and aggressively writing research papers about systematic racism, I’m definitely looking forward to this winter intersession break.

If my first semester as a Freshman during a pandemic has taught me anything, it's to prioritize your mental health above all. Staying focused and motivated in College is important, so I’ve listed some tips below to keep you on track for success during this break!

🥇 Work on projects you’re passionate about that are related to your major or the career path you want

💬 Venture out of your usual circle and get comfortable with networking

👩🏽‍💻 Create a professional presence on social media platforms; LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, etc.

🧠 Discover new podcasts and books/articles, or take online courses to feed your mind

✍🏽 Prepare for the upcoming semester; enroll in classes, utilize Google calendar, etc.

Cheers to Monday 🤝 Let’s start this new week strong!



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