Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse

twitter: alistersarah_ | clubhouse: alister


The ✨ exclusive invite-only audio platform is what attracts users to their app, and how they differentiate themselves from other social media brands. Who can blame them for wanting to maintain their image like so! Now, what does this members only society consists of you ask?

“Right now there is a lot of hustle porn and MAKE your MONEY MOVE$ action happening. Scroll through the rooms that aggregate at the top: “Millionaire Moves,” “Bitcoin is the way!” “GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH A MASTER.” -Tom Webster

Clubhouse has become quite controversial due to moderators spreading racism, hate speech, and content abuse — meanwhile, the reports aren’t taken seriously.


As a beta user for Twitter Spaces, I’m already hooked! There are a couple bugs here and there, but the infrastructure is amazing so far. I’m positive once Spaces go live, this feature will increase users on the platform.

Emoji Reactions

One of my favorite features on Spaces’ is the emoji reactions! Listeners are able to engage with the speakers, whereas on Clubhouse, the speakers rapidly mute & unmute their mics.

So… Spaces or CH?

The individuals I’ve met on Spaces so far have a purpose for hosting (e.g. Kayvon Beykpour and Kyle Harris), compared to CH, where some users are hosting rooms just to hear themselves talk, or to avoid FOMO. ☹️



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