Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse

If you’re a Zoomer (GenZ) or Millennial, you know how social media can be an overwhelming space… no pun intended haha! 🤓 Long gone are the wholesome days where most creators had a genuine passion for the contenting they were creating.

As a 22 year old, I grew up with social media being important… to an extent, and now it’s the center of our lives. 🌎 Platforms are oversaturated with people chasing clout, competing for followers, and desperately trying to gain access to the latest apps.

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💡 I joined Clubhouse on Dec. 13th of 2020, and Twitter Spaces nearly 2 weeks ago! Despite social media being notoriously known for posting visible media content, I’m loving the concept behind audio-only apps. A platform without the need for validation and likes, but insightful conversations instead.


The ✨ exclusive invite-only audio platform is what attracts users to their app, and how they differentiate themselves from other social media brands. Who can blame them for wanting to maintain their image like so! Now, what does this members only society consists of you ask?

  • Celebrities on the platform engaging with followers

🎙 Live podcasting style for moderators hosting rooms

  • Content monetization rumored to be in the works

🤝 A strictly networking atmosphere for gaining connections

  • Exposure to individuals from different backgrounds/culture

🎯 Connecting with millennials/genz passionate about similar interests

“Right now there is a lot of hustle porn and MAKE your MONEY MOVE$ action happening. Scroll through the rooms that aggregate at the top: “Millionaire Moves,” “Bitcoin is the way!” “GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH A MASTER.” -Tom Webster

Clubhouse has become quite controversial due to moderators spreading racism, hate speech, and content abuse — meanwhile, the reports aren’t taken seriously.

I was in a room with a self-absorb speaker who was bashing a journalist for publishing an article about him being racist because he said the n-word in his songs *numerous times* … keep in mind, this individual is NOT black. I was furious. Not only was it sickening to hear this guy say the journalist was in the “wrong” for “ruining his reputation,” but this article was published 3 years ago, and he still hasn’t realized why he was in the wrong, and has no place using such derogatory word.

Now don’t get me wrong, besides that situation, I truly adore the app. I’ve met some incredible people with genuine intentions of wanting friends on this app, and it’s been an enjoyable experience. It’s not everyday I make friends with individuals around my age interested in the Tech & AI Industry!


As a beta user for Twitter Spaces, I’m already hooked! There are a couple bugs here and there, but the infrastructure is amazing so far. I’m positive once Spaces go live, this feature will increase users on the platform.

  • Genuine and informative conversations taking place!!

👓 Accessibility feature for viewing live transcripts

  • Emoji react buttons for listeners to engage with people in the space

🔗 Sharing tweets & links into the space for discussion talks

  • Feedback button for submitting bugs, requests & ideas

🐥 The platform is built-in to Twitter for easy access

Emoji Reactions

One of my favorite features on Spaces’ is the emoji reactions! Listeners are able to engage with the speakers, whereas on Clubhouse, the speakers rapidly mute & unmute their mics.

Spaces has been gaining recognition from influencers with a large following, Gary Vee, being one of the individuals. Gary took to twitter to discuss the idea of CH having a competitor, and although he’s very active on twitter, he hasn’t started a Space, or become a beta tester yet. Who knows… maybe we’ll see him hosting soon?

So… Spaces or CH?

The individuals I’ve met on Spaces so far have a purpose for hosting (e.g. Kayvon Beykpour and Kyle Harris), compared to CH, where some users are hosting rooms just to hear themselves talk, or to avoid FOMO. ☹️

I might be bias about my preference for Spaces over Clubhouse because I love twitter, and I’m currently a beta tester, so you tell me!! 💭 If you’re using CH or Spaces, which platform do you prefer?

Let’s talk on LinkedIn, Twitter or the Gram! 🎉 CH username: Alister

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